July 16, 2011

With A Bang

So tonight we thought we would start things off with a bang. Daniel our host came to the beach armed with three boxes of fireworks.

It was exciting I have never lit a firework before. Thankfully we ended our little light show with all our fingers, and eyebrows intact. We didn't even burn down our cottage!

The closing activity of the night has left me wanting more. Not more fireworks (not that I would turn those down mind you) but more power.

I want to see God move this week.

Our speaker talked tonight about letting our collective lights shine in the dark. He reminded us that we as a group are here on a mission to display God's glory.

He is right, we are. And we will.

I close the night finding out that the tasks I thought I had done before I left were not done. The dishes were not clean and the laundry not washed. I am disappointed to discover that I left those things unfinished.

But this week our goal is to leave none of the work God has for us left undone. We are here to do our holy tasks, whatever they may be.

Pray we have eyes to see, ears to hear and hands to work.