July 8, 2011

Walk This Way- Bible Czar

Last Saturday I had a chance to indulge myself in a little 'dream come true'. I simply love talk radio. I am a loyal listener of the local station here News 95.7 and I call in whenever I get an opportunity to do so. Of course with News 95.7 all I get to chime in on is all politics, and other such news items. While I enjoy such things my real passion is talking about Walking As Jesus Did. I really want to encourage people to Think Clearly, Worship Continuously, Relate Purely, and Live Justly.

To my surprise and joy I had an opportunity to 'appear' on an internet radio show based  out of Nevada called, 'Bible Czar'. They are a  new show that started this past April. I had a blast doing the show, the guys are a lot of fun.

If you are interested and would like to hear Rev Christopher D Drew 'expert' radio guest you can listen here.

What can I say I've got a face for radio!
Please don't agree with that :(