July 20, 2011

Big God Moments

Yesterday I got to talk about some little God moments that I have been enjoying. Today let me tell you about some big God moments.

Tonight's rally was in a word; awesome. From almost the beginning of it I felt an energy running through me. It almost felt like there was lightening in my belly.

That feeling grew and grew until we reached the peak of the evening for me, The Lord's Supper.

Now I have helped serve the Lord's Supper lots of times since becoming a pastor but it has never been like this.

Teenagers lined up and came forward one by one, or in small groups. When they came forward I would get their name and a prayer request. After I had those I prayed for the teens by name holding their hand. Once that was finished I gave them the bread and cup.

Now you need to understand something about me. I am not an emotional guy. This is not to say I am heartless but I am much more a thinker than a feeler. Yet the compassion I felt for each person that came forward was beyond measure.

Tonight I heard dozens of tiny stories told by people wanting to follow Christ better. And as they shared I was able to respond with prayer helping them lift their concerns to God.

In that time I felt The Holy Spirit at work in me and around me in a way I rarely have before. I know the prayers I spoke tonight were not my words but the Spirit working through me.

Tonight was a great reminder for me of how great God is and how much young people need him. As I served tonight I found myself wonderfully re-affirmed in my calling, ministry and purpose.

Tonight was amazing. Tonight was wonderful. Tonight was awesome. Tonight was a big God moment.