July 19, 2011

Little God Moments

If you were to ask me; where did I see God at work today, I could give you an ear full. God's spirit was moving within and around our group.

However the stories I have to tell are not ones of grandeur. Nor are they stories of healings or mighty acts of power. Instead they are little moments of people caring with Christ's love.

Allow me to list just a few;

1. This morning as I walked in to our main cottage one of our Mom leaders handed me a cup of coffee, touched me on the shoulder and said 'we need to take care of our youth pastor'. Seemingly a small act but those words (and the coffee) were just what I needed.

2. At lunch the ladies that have been serving us all week noticed yesterday my caffeine withdrawal and had coffee ready for me.

3. Our youngest leader prayed over me during a prayer time. Her words meant a lot.

4. Darning the same prayer time one of our most quiet members spoke aloud a prayer for someone else on our team. Also our youngest guy went forward to pray with a member of the team we are working with.

5. We had a two times of holy play when families invited us to their homes to swim and eat. During those times our three teams acted as one team.

6. I found myself really missing my kids today, but my wife posted videos on Facebook letting me know they missed me too. (For some reason I cannot get them to load but the fact that they are there means a lot.)

Now I know what some of you are thinking. These things hardly seem like acts of God. There are no parting of the seas, no fire from the sky, no angels, heck not even a conversion. And that is true. None of these things are 'so big you can't miss it' moments.

But they are God moments; little everyday moments that God showed up in.

My prayer is that you too will notice these God moments each day no matter how big or how small.