April 12, 2012

A Remembered Love

I had a wonderful time last night.

That is what I kept thinking to myself once I got home. Ok maybe not always in those words, I subbed in 'great', 'fun' and a few other synonyms for good measure but you get the idea. Last night I had a great time. Now before you ask no my wife and I did not get to enjoy a date last night. Nor did I have a night with 'the boys' (whoever they are) or some well earned time with one of my many gaming devices.

No last night I helped out a friend with his youth ministry, and it felt great.
Over the past year and some change, and especially over the past 5-6 months I have been thinking youth ministry may not be for me. The stress, the conflicting objectives, the multitude of opinions, the smell were all taking their toll. When I packed up my office in January I was sure that it was time to move on, time for bigger and better things, time for an easier job, like being a 'real' pastor.

But last night reminded me of something that I think had I honestly forgot; just how much I love youth ministry.

Some where between watching goofy YouTube videos, running around the church building looking for an "interesting looking rock", playing a game that we only sort of had the rules figured out, and participating in a devotional that fought for the youth's attention for every second; I remembered.

Truthfully it really hit me at the end of the night after the teens had all left. I was cleaning up the mess left behind with the other youth leaders. We were tossing papers out, taking rocks back outside, putting pens back where they belong, and chatting about the night. One of the other leaders mentioned that they were just helping out for a little while, that the noise, the chaos, and the energy was a little much for their tastes. While they were saying that to me I found myself thinking, 'what a strange thing to say. Who wouldn't love this!' Then it hit me almost like a drug response. Out of no where I felt a wave of joy wash over me.

God really does work in funny ways.

I can honestly say that right now, at this moment I am excited about the future and some possibilities that are starting to peek over the horizon. However what ever comes next I am thankful for last night's reminder. God ordained a holy time to remind me of my calling and gifting. Today I am feeling lighter as I am letting go of some doubt handed to me by a few people, replaced by the certainty God has given me.

It's True, I Love It
Smell And All