April 12, 2012

Holy Week 2012 Collection

Sometimes it is just helpful to have everything all in one spot. In that light here is the 2012 Holy Week Collection;

Palm Sunday- A reflection on not missing the grandeur of Jesus and his mission.

Holy Monday- Jesus offering healing and grace in the temple just after he cleared it.

Holy Tuesday- A reflection on giving to Caesar what is his and giving to God what is his.

Holy Wednesday- Is Judas the only one who betrays Jesus?

Maundy Thursday- Reflecting on attending my first Tenebrae service

Good Friday- Are we too busy to take notice of Christ?

Holy Saturday- Today is the day to take time and embrace pain, sorrow and confusion

Easter Sunday- God provided me with some odd weather to help me reflect on the true meaning of Easter.

Thank you to everyone who read one or all of these. I hope they helped you prepare for Easter even half as much as the helped me.