April 20, 2011

Holy Week- Wednesday- It's Quiet Too Quiet

For the last few days I have noticed that people have found their way to my little corner of the Internet by asking questions to Google. Something like 'What did Jesus do during holy week Monday/Tuesday?' So you may have found you way here today asking; 'What did Jesus do during Holy Week Wednesday?' I can sum up Jesus' activities in one word.


That's right all is quiet in the Gospels about the Wednesday of Holy week. It seems that Jesus took the day off.

And when we consider the week Jesus was having, and about to have, isn't that interesting.
Think about it for a moment what would you do if you had only a few days left to live? Jesus knows that the path he is on is heading straight for a Roman cross, and a borrowed tomb. He knows the coming pain and suffering. He knows that when everything is said and done the life he is currently living will be over.

If you had only a few days left to live would you live it up? Would you try and experience amazing things, or re-experience favorite things? Would you go sky diving, and watch your favorite movie, and eat your favorite meals, and drive a race car? Would you walk in familiar places? Would you take adventures? Would you try to cram years of living in to a few days?

You might think Jesus would be inclined to live it up some. After all very soon he wont be able to take any more walks in Galilee. Or fishing trips. And gone will be the opportunity to go to dinner parties and wedding feasts.

We would understand if Jesus did any of that but, Jesus didn't.

Maybe living it up seems like a waste of time, maybe you rather make every moment count. Maybe you would want to say everything you always wanted to say. Profess love to people you never could. Forgive the difficult people in your life. You's take the time to impart from parental wisdom to your child, or make extra sure your spouse knows how you feel. Maybe you'd write a letter, or a book, or record a video. Whatever your method you'd make sure you said everything, taught everything, kissed, hugged and visited everyone you could.

Maybe we should expect the same from Jesus.

Jesus after all was running out of time to teach. His disciples still didn't seem to understand a lot of what he was telling them. He could have healed more people, preformed more signs, told more parables. Jesus could have spent Wednesday clearing out the nearest hospital, or writing down some things he knew the disciples needed to remember.

He could have done all of that. But he didn't.

Instead as far as we know Jesus rested. He took the day off. Amazing isn't it. It defies conventional wisdom. Everyone knows when you are running out of time, you don't stop for a breather, you speed up.

But not Jesus. He stopped and rested.

Let me suggest why I think he did that. I think he rested because he trusted that God had everything under control. Yes the last few days were hectic. And remaining few will seem like chaos. But Jesus knew God had everything under control, which gave him a level of peace that transcended the situation. So he rested.

Couldn't you use a little of that peace right now? Couldn't you use a little rest? Was yesterday crazy? Does today seem worse? Do you have too much to do too little time to do it in? That's the mind set of a 'it's all up to me' person. That's the lifestyle you led when you think it's you against the world.

But Easter should remind us that it is not us against the world. It is God and us against whatever comes our way. So as you continue to prepare yourself for Easter take some time today to rest. Rest, even if you are in the middle of the most important week of your life.

Jesus Did.

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***Please note dividing events into individual days during Holy Week is up for interpretation. I am using a time line providing by Bible Gateway.***