April 17, 2011

Holy Week- Palm Sunday

I get the donkey.

By that I mean I understand the symbol. I understand that the kings of Jerusalem road in on donkeys in peace times and in on horses in times of war. So I get that Jesus is declaring both his kingship, and that he is coming in peace.

I also understand that the Messiah riding on a donkey was a long standing prophecy. God had declared centuries before hand through Zechariah that this was the way the Messiah, the king of Israel would present himself.

So like I said I get the donkey. I understand why it happened, and what Jesus was saying to the crowd.

What I don't get is the donkey's owner.

How did the owner know? Was he an unknown and unnamed believer? Was it hard to part with his piece of property at a moments notice?

I suspect these are questions I will never have answers to on this side of eternity. Any answer I supply for myself is simply supposition. Matthew felt no need to include this data in his gospel account; so I suppose I will just have to be content with wondering.

But there is another question that this story has cause me to ask; would I part with something if asked?

Would I yield something I own, something I 'need' something I love to Jesus without question if he asked me? I know the correct answer is yes, but I I still wonder if that would be my course of action. If someone knocked on my door right now and said the Lord needs 'X', I feel I would react with a lot of skepticism.

Of course Jesus isn't walking around in the flesh right now so maybe some level of skepticism is allowed. But what if I knew in my heart of hearts that Jesus was requesting me to give up, my car, my Xbox, my blog, my dreams would I give them over with no questions asked, and no protest given? The answer needs to be yes, otherwise I have discovered an idol tucked away in my life.

This is the question I am reflecting on today. Is there anything in my life that is I am keeping off limits to God? I would encourage you to reflect on this as well. 

Are you ready to give up your 'donkey' at a moments notice?