March 27, 2013

On The Move

Hello for the last time from 'Walking As Jesus Did'

For the past twoish years I have been using this blog to try and explore some of the intellectual questions that circle around Christianity and the church. I have loved doing that. However over the past year I have found my own passion shifting some, and my desire to blog on different topics grow.

After much reflection I have decided it is time to step away from this blog with it's very specific focus and move on to something new, and something exciting. I have decided to start blogging at;

Modern Man Of The Cloth is going to be about faith and family. It will be a place to find my sermons, and a spot that I hope will be fun. The only content that is there right now is the favorite posts from this site and my very, very short lived  family blog.

Never the less please consider going there and checking it out. My friend Laura from Mommy-Miracles has designed for my a very nice header and a few other pictures that will make there way places. I love to hear your feedback on the look of things so far.

Also you might be wondering about the contend on this blog that I didn't transfer over. My plan at the moment if to live this one on-line even though I will not update it. I have no idea how long blogger allows site that do not generate content stay active so if there is anything you want to grab off this site you have my permission to do so.

Thank you so much to everyone who have read, liked or commented on this blog. I hope to see you over at Modern Man Of The Cloth

I hope to see you there