January 5, 2011

Marital Bliss

As I write this I am in Montreal Quebec, looking forward to a friends wedding. I have been given the honour of being part of the wedding party. Since this week will be full of wedding preparation and celebration I wish only to do three things.

First and foremost I want to wish Jared Miller and Beth Gabel a happy and blessed life together. Christian marriage is not something to enter in to lightly, you are about to become in the eyes of God one person. Many things will try to pull you apart, but I know you both with Christ as your helper will prevail.

Second I want to tell my wife that I love her. Another aspect of the Christian wedding is each time you attend one it is supposed to prompt you to reflect on your own wedding vows. I know I will be, I love you Meghan.

Third, I wanted to share this comic;

To this day I struggle with this concept in scripture
Good luck and congratulations Jared and Beth, Friday January 7th @ 7pm