November 13, 2010

Reflections From Bayside 2/3

Saturday Afternoon/Evening- The afternoon was great, as all of my afternoon have been here. It was a mixture of relaxation, preparation and socialization. I got to know some of the teens, and I got to connect with some I already knew and got to know them better.

Along with this I was taken on a short hike to where we will have an outside low tech morning service tomorrow. When the idea of doing that was first suggested to me it sounded like a good idea. After this morning and this evening it is sounding like a great idea.

We had technological difficulties again.

This time I thought I had planned ahead. I used the computer that was already set up with the visuals and had been used for music earlier. Something between then and when I went up went wrong. Oh well, we fixed this problem faster than the last.

Maybe I should stick to low tech points in the future.

Technological problems aside the talk went very well. We talked about being an influencer instead of influenced. This was very much part two from the morning. If the morning could be summed up by saying watch out that non-Christians don't influence you away from Jesus, tonight's was make sure you influence others.

The two most practical things we hit on were; 1) being good doesn't mean being boring. Heather Mills a youth from Quest suggested I use a video from our youth group. I was happy to honour her request. 2) Being good is not the same thing as avoiding doing bad things. We than talked about the need to be 'different'. To be salt and light. To have that 'something' other Christians notice and wish they had. I was honest with them, that what we were talking about wasn't easy. That this was going to be very hard. It would mean standing out when they might rather blend in. They looked nervous. I don't blame them.

One really positive outcomes was a teen talked with me after wanting to find a youth group near her. She clearly heard that being connected with out Christians would be a good thing. We plugged her address into Google maps and found out that of the youth groups I knew about First Baptist Dartmouth looked like her best bet. We zipped off a quick e-mail to their pastor. I hope she goes.

3 down 1 to go. Keep praying for me.