September 14, 2010

And If Necessary, Use Words

Perhaps because I am still new blogging I find myself doing two things. One checking my stats like a mad man, just wondering if someone might have stumbled on my blog, and two I try to convince my wife to read whatever I have written. The first is easy, I just click a button. The second task has proved a little harder.

It’s not that my wife doesn’t try it is just every time she sits down at the computer she scrolls all the way down to the end of the blog and realizes it just keeps on going. She gives me that look that says, ‘you’ve got to be kidding.’ One would think I dropped ‘War and Peace’ in her lap and asked her to read it so we could discuss it at dinner.

Now she has always read them, but it got me to thinking, my wife loves me and for the most part cares what I think and she thought they were too long; will people who don’t know me from Adam read them? And that is why I am going to try to say more while writing less.

Which I cannot help but wonder is something that all of us Christians should consider. Say more by saying less. A quote often attributed to St Francis Assisi goes like this “Preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary use words”. It seems like for most of us words are always necessary.

The problem is most people don’t care what we say. And to combat that our typically strategy seems to be to talk louder and more often. Think about it we carry John 3:16 signs to sports games, picket abortion clinics, we fill up the air waves with Christian Radio, TV, Podcasts, books and even blogs. We are confronted by so many people who don’t know Jesus so we preach with words.

Maybe, just maybe we need to get back to the St Francis’ idea of only using words when necessary. It is time for us to start preaching with our lives. It is time to start letting our good words go before us and make the communities we live in better. I don’t want us to abandon sharing the gospel to do good deeds I want us to remember that caring for our neighbour is part of the gospel.

Let’s live purely, and preach the gospel with our actions so one day people will care what we have to say